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AASLD - INASL Connect Program 2020

AASLD - INASL Connect Program 2020

INASL President's Message

Dear INASL Members and Colleagues,

INASL is partnering with AASLD to organize a joint meeting – the first AASLD-INASL Connect Program in New Delhi from 20th till 22nd March, 2020. 

We have previously had joint sessions with AASLD during our conferences. However, those were usually in the form of a joint symposium for a couple of hours or a half day shared program. The current AASLD-INASL joint program differs in that it will be a standalone meeting with representatives of both the associations participating for the entire duration of the conference.

The primary aim of this AASLD-INASL Connect meeting is to encourage and facilitate exchange of medical knowledge and ideas in the field of liver diseases, and, in the long term, to establish research collaborations between hepatologists in India and the United States.

The AASLD-INASL Hepatology Connect Program will have two components. First, a group of young investigators (selected based on academic criteria, such as their curriculum vitae including previous research work and an abstract) will be invited to present and discuss their research ideas in a small group setting with faculty from both countries; the latter will then give suggestions on how the quality and presentation of this research can be enhanced. Second, it will have sessions to review recent highlights on several liver disease topics. For each topic, we will have the US speakers presenting new data from the AASLD conference held in November 2019 and at least one Indian speaker discussing about the situation, current practices and research on that disease in India.


Best regards
Rakesh Aggarwal
President, INASL
Course Director, AASLD INASL Connect

Message from AASLD

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of INASL and AASLD, we invite you to the AASLD-INASL Connect meeting in New Delhi from 20th till 22nd March, 2020.

The leadership of AASLD and INASL is jointly organizing the first Hepatology Connect Program in India to facilitate exchange of current medical knowledge in liver diseases and research collaborations between hepatologists from India and the United States. 

As part of the AASLD-INASL Hepatology Connect Program, selected young investigators will have an opportunity to present and discuss their research ideas in a small group setting with faculty from both countries. The scientific portion of the meeting will also provide an opportunity for attendees to review research highlights from AASLD’s The Liver Meeting 2019 as well as the latest hepatology research coming out of India in a concise and critical manner.

We hope all of you will attend this program and that you will encourage your colleagues and trainees to attend as well.

We also encourage young investigators to send their research work for potential presentation. 


Best regards
Paul Thuluvath, MD., FAASLD, FRCP
Course Director, AASLD INASL Connect

US Faculty

Dr. Paul Thuluvath

Dr. Rajender Reddy

Dr. George Ioannou

Dr. Kimberly Brown

Dr. Laura Kulik

Conference Highlights

  • Young Investigators Day:
  • Attendees to be selected from submitted abstracts (DM/DNB students and up to 3-5 yrs after DM/DNB). Selected candidates will be supported by INASL for attending this meeting.
  • Workshop in research methodology.
  • Awards for best poster and oral presentation.
  • Networking between AASLD faculty and attendees with a view to develop long term scientific exchange programs and mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Update from AASLD 2019: HBV, HCV, NASH, Autoimmune hepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease, Liver transplantation
  • Presentation of Indian data and perspective on various liver diseases
  • Case based presentations and panel discussions with Indian and US faculty